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Autumn Stove Simmer

 ImageI love stove simmers. I always have. They just have an effect on my home – probably making it smell better! I don’t know about you, but in the fall, my favorite stove simmers are the ones that smell like cinnamon and crisp autumn leaves. I didn’t put leaves in it, of course, but I do love the smell. Here’s how you can make this at home:

    First, grab a small pan that you think is the right size. Then, add in some spices. It doesn’t have to be specific spices, but if you want to know I used cloves,  cardamom, and of course cinnamon bark. Set it on your stove and turn it to the “simmer” setting. Add in about a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Finally, pour in a small amount of water. Keep it in your house for about 30 minutes, and your house will have a fresh smell. If you want, you could even keep it in for much longer. 

 I love the smell of my house now! I can’t wait to do it more often. 

              xoxo, Jesse


Smiles and Sunshine

  I don’t know about you, but I miss full days of sunshine. I live in New York, and just a few weeks ago it began becoming dark at 6:00. Sigh.  

ImageAt least we have beautiful fall leaves to enjoy. Happy Wednesday everybody!